Club Championship

Trophy Records Tables

Event results

Sevenoaks and District Motor club award 41 separate trophies at our annual awards. All of your results in SDMC organised motorsport events are automatically recorded and used to calculate championship points towards these trophies. However, for other events you need to submit your points to the Trophy Records Keeper (TRK). This should be done by the form at the link shown below. No other method will be accepted.

Please note:

You must be an SDMC member at the time of the event for your results to be recorded. (if your name is not on the membership list it will not be in the TRK database and therefore it will be impossible to allocate your points).

  • All results must be submitted within 21 days of the event or they will not be recorded.
  • All marshalling and event organisation claims will be checked against the event signing on sheets, so make sure you fill them in correctly!
  • You must upload a copy of the event results or provide a hyperlink.

If you have any questions please contact

Marshalling qualification

In order to qualify for some of the championships, you must carry out marshalling or other event support role at an SDMC organised events. The list of qualifying events is shown in the calendar on the SDMC website , Acorn and the Yearbook.

The criteria are measured in “Chalky White points”, which are the basis for the C.E.White marshalling trophy and are calculated as follows:

  • 1 Chalky White point is required for a rally qualification
  • 2 Chalky White points are required for a Speed League qualification
  • 3 Chalky White points are required for a Rose & Crown qualification

C.E.White points are earned as follows:

  • A half day event such as an evening Autotest or 12 Car Rally will earn you 1 point
  • An all-day event such as an Autosolo, Trial or Sprint will earn you 2 points

All marshalling qualifications are taken directly from event signing on sheets automatically, so make sure you have filled them out correctly.