What is it?

AutoSOLOs are a relatively new form of low cost, non specialist motor sport, using standard road going cars, and are equally enjoyable for novices and experienced competitors

An AutoSOLO comprises a number of timed, forward direction only courses, on sealed surfaces.

Printed routes are available to each competitor prior to the start and are clearly marked with road cones to allow drivers to concentrate on the driving rather than finding their way.

Normally three or four different courses will be set up during the event and will generally be less complex than traditional autotesting, without the need for handbrake turns or reversing and with a longer course drivers can get into more of a rhythm and slightly higher cornering speed.

Helmets and overalls aren’t needed, and for AutoSOLOs which run under Clubsport permits you won’t need a competition licence, just your club membership card, a Motorsport UK RS Clubman License (free from Motorsport UK) and the MOT certificate and insurance certificate, so entry couldn’t be easier


As well as awards in each class, there’s an overall Fastest Time of Day award, for the lowest total time. Some clubs also give an award for best performance on Index, intended as an award for which every class winner has a chance. This applies correction factors between the classes, based on the results of previous events.

What do I need to get started?


Entries may be accepted from drivers who are 16 and over without a full RTA Licence, provided the vehicle used is by definition a ‘touring car’


A club membership card and a Motorsport UK RS Clubman License is all that is required. Cars must be taxed, insured, have an MOT certificate if their age requires, and be driven to the event. Safety and organisational requirements are similar to autotests, which keeps costs and entry fees low.


Any roadworthy car is acceptable and we have seen most types of vehicle compete, even a

 Volvo estate. There are various classes for the different types of vehicle so that you will generally be competing against 

similar cars.

Useful items/modifications

A ground sheet or something similar to empty all the accumulated “useful” items out of the boot including the spare wheel.

What will it cost?

Entry fees start from £60 for our Brands Hatch events, which generally give you three attempts at two different tests.

When can I enter?

The club runs two Autosolos per year, generally in July and September.

The down side – possible pitfalls

Depending on how hard you are trying tyre wear to outside edges can be increased.

It might be possible, if you totally ignore all the advice you have been given and drive like a total lunatic, to turn a car over although this is most unlikely and extremely rare.

Just with any sort of spirited driving gearboxes and driveshafts are subjected to increased wear although the mileage is so low it is extremely unlikely to cause a failure.

As with any form of motor sport, although they are rare, accidents can happen. You must be aware of the risks and accept them, if you are to compete.